Slight changes in the complexity of problems related to teeth.

Many people lose their self-esteem and confidence due to crooked teeth becoming a major problem these days. Invisalign seems to be a major solution to resolve this problem. This treatment is increasingly being used in past few years, to solve the problem of protruding teeth. This treatment can be offered only by experienced orthodontic professionals. … [Read more…]

Caramelized Salmon

Salmon is one of the healthiest and prettiest fish in the loved one. So imagine it having a crunchy, beautiful outer crust, Cannot get better right? This is a recipe which can bowl over anyone with a single bite. Once, I had to make dinner for guests at a short notice and all I had … [Read more…]

More then Dinner: Tech in the Kitchen

Pants down, best tech. Tech by the Naked Chef As the leaves start to change and the days get shorter, thoughts turn to comfort foods – those favorites that warm the soul. One of the all-time favorites is meatloaf. Served up with buttery mashed potatoes, gravy and a veggie, there is nothing that says “home” … [Read more…]