Best Lightning Cable To Charge Apple Products

510-Lightning-Cable-Du-plug90_600x400_6AmazonBasics Apple Lightning Cable has gotten 9.5 stars for 10 by the users. This cable is said to be sturdy and is cheaper than original Apple cable. It is longer than the original, providing much comfortable experience to the customers. The only con of the product is that it is a bit thicker than Apple’s original cable which makes it a little difficult to carry.

The customers of Apple products love to fawn over their iPhones, praising its quality and standard. However, they also get displeased by the flimsy quality of the lightning cables offered by Apple. This lightning cable that comes along with the product does not last long since it is so delicate. This resulted in the search for the best available alternative, which was found to be AmazonBasics Apple Lightning Cable, which is available on Amazon.

This cable was found to be much stronger than the original Apple lightning cable. This cable was found to last for two hard years of rough, rugged use. This wouldn’t have been the case with the original cable, which would have snapped within months. The AmazonBasics Apple Lightning cable proved to be a far better alternative to original Apple’s cable.

This cable is certified Apple Mfi- Made For iPad, iPod and iPhone syncing and charging cable, with the approval of Apple, through which Apple approves that the cable is safe to be used on Apple products. This cable can be connected directly to the laptop for charging Apple products like iPad, iPod, and iPhone. The cable can also be used to sync data to the laptop. It can be connected to an adapter and charged by using electricity. Icordination also offers a wide range of choice when it comes to lightning cables

AmazonBasics Apple lightning cable supports a variety of Apple products such as, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 4, iPad 4th gen, iPod touch 5th gen, iPod nano 7th gen, and Beats Pill+.

As mentioned earlier, this cable is much more sturdy and strong than Apple’s cable. It does not give away easily to pressure or hard handling. The outer covering of the cable is PVC, which provides a solid jacket. This solid PVC ensures that the cable does not break, fray or get broken causing the wire to spill out, as often seen with original cables. These qualities make these cable the best alternative. One more important thing that makes this product even appealing is that it has a 1-year warranty by AmazonBasics. So, if something goes wrong within the limited period, it could be exchanged for a new cable.

The AmazonBasics cable comes in two colors- black and white. It also comes in two different sizes of 6 and 3 foot long cables. The customer has the liberty to choose the length they are comfortable with as the original cables are pretty short when compared to AmazonBasics cable. On the whole, the product is rated the best by the users, the one other con being that the white cables tend to get a little yellowish by time. Other than that, the AmazonBasics cables are far more worthy than the Apple Lightning cables and are much cheaper.

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