Microlife Sleep Review

We have finally found a Sleep Supplement that works!! Microlife Sleep from Vasayo

Helping you sleep is not hard when you have the right tools. Sleep supplements can give you the relief you need when it comes to deal with sleep issues such as RLS or PLMD. This will allow you to get the sleep you want without breaking the bank down the road.

Common Sleep Problems You Might Have

You might have been suffering from common sleep problems such as PLMD and RLS.

PLMD is a sleep disorder where a patient moves his or her limbs involuntarily when he or she goes to bed. RLS is a common sleep disorder where you are urged to move your leg. OSA is a sleep disorder where your throat muscles just block and relax your airway when you are sleeping. Snoring is a sign that you have this problem. Acid reflux is when your acidic stomach contents just go back up into your esophagus.

Fixing the Issue

You can fix sleep issues with fat. Before going to bed, have a nice fat snack right away. You can mix one tbs. of your favorite Brain Octane Oil and another tbs. of collagen protein. Try around 400 mg of magnesium if you want to get rid of sleep issues. But you need to be aware that too much magnesium is not good for you. If you suffer from any nighttime leg cramp, combine magnesium with potassium right away so you can get rid of it in no time too.

If you will sleep more if you have fewer cramps as well.
Now that you know more about how to deal with sleep problems, you need to use more sleep supplements. Remember that fat can give you what you need, but magnesium can also be your best friend when dealing with your sleep problems down the road too. So you need to take massive action and use potassium if you need to in combination with magnesium as well. With Vasayo’s Microlife Sleep Spray. You get the whole package in one. With liposome technology your body absorbs the nutrients bound to the fat. allowing you interrupted sleep all night long.