New Health Supplements on the Market in summer 2017

New Supplements on the Market in summer 2017

Summer is the best season for adventurers and for people who are very outgoing. There are a lot of things and activities we can think of doing during summer like going to the beach, enjoying the hiking and sports. All of these thing can be very tiring in our body and the heat of the sun causes damage to the skin. Luckily, there are new supplement for summer 2017 to better protect your body and skin and enjoy the entire days of summer.


Here below are some supplements that are very essential during summer:

Reishi Mushroom Extract this supplement is good for renewing energy from an exhausting work or activity.
Creatine. Creatine is essential for increasing strength and muscle size that helps your body get toned.

  • Redox Health Revolution– This powerful topical gel has redox signaling molecules that help replenish your skin cells like you are young again. Their tech is patented and the only one around.  Their 2 MAIN products are Renu 28,  Renu ADVANCED
  •  Vitamins/Minerals. This kind of supplement helps your skin from getting dry and draining yourself such as Vitamin E and free yourself from sickness caused by the sun which Vitamin C can back it up.

There are thousands and thousands of supplements already offered in the market. But hence, it is very important to choose the kind of supplements that suits your skin and body to avoid any irritation and or negative effects.

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